Sr. UX Design Thinking Specialist – MSD

As Senior Design Thinking Specialist within eXperience Design team You will mostly work on:

  • Initial research for understanding the situation.
  • Defining and driving the design process.
  • Preparation and execution of design thinking workshops.
  • Preparation and execution of design thinking trainings.
  • Advanced stakeholder management.
  • Helping the stakeholders with setting the strategic direction for future state of products, services, business processes and team/product strategies.
  • Building culture of transparency.
  • Manage others in Design Thinking activities.
  • Training and couching other colleagues in Design Thinking.
  • Active participation on spreading the word on Design Thinking and changing the company culture.

Your Main Responsibilities will be:

  • Manage the Design Thinking process end-to-end: propose the scope and structure, execute the plan, deliver actionable outputs
    • Conduct the initial research
    • Preparation of methodology
    • Workshop execution (logistics, methodology, facilitation, conducting the outputs)
    • Create report
  • Design Thinking promotion and trainings.

What we need from You (Qualifications, Skills & Experience):

  • Master degree in on of these: Design, Marketing, Sociology, Psychology
  • Min. 5 years of experience in design or communications

What You should be able to do (Application Criteria):

  • Ability to work in team and collaborative environment
  • Ability to apply the structural thinking to problem solving
  • Ability to organize information in a logical way
  • Ability to present information in a interesting way
  • Ability to coordinate work tasks and manage people
  • Ability to negotiate in complex situations
  • Ability to facilitate group of participants
  • Ability to couch others in design thinking
  • Ability to understand company core business structure
  • Ability to use knowledge of team to help complete the tasks
  • Ability to consider individual differences when working in team
  • Ability to adapt current work process to meet emerging needs
  • Ability to evaluate new ideas and proposed methods for practicality and ease of implementation

What You will learn:

  • Advanced application of Design Thinking framework and methods.
  • A lot about how pharmaceutical industry works.
  • How to collaborate across teams and different cultures.
  • How to build common understanding and make some sense out of it in a complex situations.
  • How to train and coach others in Design Thinking a better way.
  • How to do all off this remotely.

Informace o pozici

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