User Experience has the ultimate responsibility of delivering usable, efficient, and visually appealing products that meet the exact needs of the end-user. We do this by covering the three major areas of UX – user experience research, interaction design, and visual design. Our vision is to bring the best experience into every part of our life.

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O společnosti MSD IT

We want to redefine healthcare. And we want technologists to lead the way. MSD is a global healthcare leader developing innovative medicines, vaccines, therapies, and products for health needs in 140 countries. Our new IT Global Innovation Center in the heart of Prague with startup atmosphere and flat, friendly and collaborative environment offers technology professionals like you incredible opportunities to learn from others around the world, to challenge yourself, and to enjoy a meaningful reward that technology careers don’t often bring: the satisfaction of helping to save lives. Join us in the digital health revolution and tackle biggest opportunities and challenges at the intersection of healthcare, information and technology.