Business UX Designer – Footshop

In a nutshell about us

Since the inception of Footshop, we have experienced incredible growth. We have entered multiple European markets, growing our sales volume to almost 600 million. We are a member of the adidas Consortium, which allows us to have limited and special edition sneakers that you will not find in any other store in the Czech Republic, some even in all of Central Europe.

As major part of our revenue is generated through online sale we are aware that every little detail on the web has a huge impact on the company success. Because of this we decided to focus on improving our conversion rate, as it will be one of our main priorities for this year.

If you take this challenge, your work will significantly contribute to the growth of Footshop and will be appreciated by millions of customers. The role covers the whole process from hypothesis making, testing and evaluating to implementation and assessing the results.


☻ Creation of strategy leading to increasing conversion rate and revenue per visitor growth
☻ Working on improving all language versions of our web
☻ Defining criteria for evaluating visitors’ website journey
☻ Following the visitor from the very beginning until the invoice is paid (we don’t only track the CR on web)

Day to day activities

☻ Preparing a hypotheses for A/B testing with clear quantifiable expectations, testing said hypotheses and evaluating them
☻ Creating specifications per product and features for engineers
☻ Measuring CR growth in all countries, channels, devices etc.
☻ Looking for opportunities and issues in CR growth and visit revenue
☻ Tracking Tableau metrics
☻ Web adjustments for all countries
– Credibility abroad
– Preferred carrier
– Payment method
– Adjusted web content
☻ Looking for ways to improve service for our customers

We would like you to have

☻ Strong analytical mindset and curiosity
☻ Ability to identify growth opportunities and analysis and create tangible results
☻ Experience with conducting user research and A/B testing as well as evaluating results
☻ Demonstrable results surrounding the improvement of our CR from previous projects
☻ Fluent communication in English

Tools you will be using

☻ Tableau
☻ Exponea
☻ Hotjar
☻ Grafana
☻ Google Analytics
☻ Wireframe tool


☻ Conversion rate
☻ Average order value
☻ Revenue per visitor

Who would you cooperate with?

☻ Tomáš Mitana: Head of product
☻ Tomáš Slavata: Web designer
☻ Jany Kosčo: CTO
☻ Antonin Havlik: Marketing analyst
☻ Filip Druska: Head of performance marketing

About the team

☻ In-house (but independent) team of project managers, developers and testers
☻ Fast iterations, deployment on daily bases
☻ Ready-to-use infrastructure for deployment and evaluation of experiments
☻ Sarcasm supporters

Informace o pozici

Lokalita: Praha
Typ pracovního poměru: Hlavní pracovní poměr
Úvazek: Plný úvazek
Délka pracovního poměru: Na dobu neurčitou
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